Politics can be confusing and even scary for a lot of people, which is why they hire lobbyists to maneuver through the process.

But a behind the scenes look at many lobbyists shows they make a lot of money for doing very little.  Are they earning their keep and doing all they can to deliver results?

Like the little man behind the green curtain, lobbyists rely upon people’s willingness to believe the fantastical.  Lobbyists often mislead clients by claiming to work some hocus pocus, and then feign success while in fact they did very little.

It is amazing how many lobbyists don’t properly work bills.  Based upon the mere belief that the bill will take a certain course, it is not uncommon for them to wait around (while collecting your payments), in the hopes that other lobbying interests will do their work for them.

That means your lobbyist(s) may

  • not work the individual committee members
  • not meet with the right personal support staff
  • not write their letters of support or opposition
  • not work with committee consultants
  • not focus properly upon your issue(s)

Are you willing to gamble your job and the success of your business on personal faith about your lobbyist?